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Dining Chairs

Exclusive fine wood chairs combined with premium textiles or genuine leather create your perfect dining area



A combination of classic shapes, materials and bold designs by Scandinavian craftsmen to bring your ideas to the most stylish interiors


Journal Tables

The designer coffee table is one of the main object of the interior. Pay attention to materials, texture and workmanship when choosing a product.


Dining Tables

The attractive appearance of the tables, the aesthetics of the wood and the superior craftsmanship will accentuate the refined taste of the owner of the interior. Luxury dining tables from Scandinavia are the perfect choice for the modern home.



Rare woods, exclusive upholstery materials and superior craftsmanship will bring an atmosphere of luxury to your interior.


Garden sofas

Designer garden furniture from Scandinavia made of precious teak wood. Specially designed for harsh weather conditions.


Pendant lights

Main role or support of other accent design elements, light contrast or neutral complement are all possibilities to create a successful lighting of any interior



Creating a local lighting or dramatic lighting effect is the main task of designer chandeliers from Scandinavia


Table lamps

Create a Scandinavian atmosphere and attract attention will be able to design a table lamp. It can be placed on a table, window sill and also non-standard surfaces.


Floor lamps

Floor lamps are floor lighting fixtures that play a large role in the combination of additional lighting and zoning.



Choose minimalism and functionality to create attractive accents in your interior with Scandinavian-inspired vases.


Home Decor

Designer decorative items, vases and mirrors – as part of a special reverent attitude towards your home, expressed through the stylish decoration of the space



An atmosphere of warmth and coziness of your home, created by little things: the enveloping texture of the bath towel, a pleasant soft fabric plaid and bright playful sofa cushion



Scandinavian interior can be boldly complemented by light and graphic rugs made of natural handmade materials.



The mesmerizing beauty of crockery and plates from Scandinavia is becoming popular in today’s world, highlighting the taste and unique style of individual attention to every detail on your table


Kettles and Kits

Warmth of natural materials and unsurpassed performance of details, thanks to many years of experience of the masters, will breathe new life into familiar everyday things

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