Fogia is an award-winning Swedish design company and furniture manufacturer.

Fogia is an award-winning Swedish design company and furniture manufacturer, collaborating with some of the most progressive contemporary designers working today. Rooted in Scandinavian design aesthetics, Fogia’s products are handmade in its own factory to exacting standards of quality and design using high quality materials and craftsmanship. Sleek elegance and purposefulness are achieved through an authentic knowledge of craftsmanship and construction, whether items for the home or public spaces.

Fogia was founded in 1981 by Hans Rosander and Lars Fritzell and was originally called A.B.G – Trading. The founders developed an innovative method of joining sheets of plexiglass to create colorful tables and storage systems. In the following years the company grew and began producing other pieces of furniture, changing its name to Fogia Collection in 1986.

Fogia’s reputation as a quality furniture manufacturer grew quickly, earning many contracts and commissions for the use of public spaces, and continually building a network of retailers throughout Sweden.

No longer owned by its founders, Fogia found new life in 2011 when a new owner stepped in. The Fogia collection was redesigned and the brand began a new direction, working with designers from Scandinavia and Europe.

The furniture is now handmade from scratch in its own factory in Gdańsk, Poland. The best combination of traditional and modern technology is used, quality is controlled throughout the production chain.


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