Many people associate a space decorated in the Scandi style with white walls and light-coloured furniture. It seems very simple, but it is not. Of course, you can try to copy the best Scandinavian interiors you’ve seen online. Then order cheap furniture from IKEA, arrange on dressers bought in a hurry banal accessories and make repairs in the room, painting all surfaces in white. But in the end you only get the appearance of a Scandi style, an unfortunate imitation of it.

Monochrome, purity, freshness

Almost always when creating an interior in rooms of various purposes, regardless of its specific features (architecture, area, ceiling height, etc.) is the emphasis on monochrome, a sense of lightness, space and light.

Scandinavian interior design by Northern (Norway)

But not everyone is aware of some of the features of the painstaking work of a professional designer and architect. For example, white walls are sure to have accent blocks. And the color of the surfaces, if you examine the issue more closely, is by no means white, nor does it resemble an operating room. White Scandi is a special tone that creates an incredibly warm and cosy aura in the room.

And so – in relation to any interior detail!

Attractive in its noble simplicity Scandi. How to achieve perfection?

According to the architects, it is possible to obtain the desired result and achieve harmony through a single selection:

  • quality designer furniture made of natural materials;
  • finishes for all surfaces;
  • author’s decor, including crockery, accessories, bed linen, textiles, organizers for storing things in the bedroom, workroom, dining room and kitchen, etc;
  • lamps – table and ceiling lamps, floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers.

And this is one of the main components of success. The principle of first arranging the basic elements of furniture and then spending months or even years selecting the rest of the details is a thing of the past.

It takes a philosophical approach and a meaningful reading of Hügge to make it work. Then the individual puzzles form a whole, capacious and harmonious picture.

Bench and floor lamp by Handvark (Denmark)

The space should be filled with quality, presentable and expensive details, avoiding cheap consumer goods and ordinary furniture from mass market in style “a la Hooge”. Such items have no aesthetic appeal, are made of hazardous materials, have questionable functionality and are unpresentable in appearance.

The “right” Scandinavian interior consists of many carefully thought-out elements:

  • compact, comfortable, functional furniture;
  • of concise designer light fixtures;
  • of the original author’s decor;
  • quality textiles;
  • an expensive, minimalist fireplace.

All the elements of space are present in common features – natural, environmentally friendly materials of production, impeccable forms and softness of lines, the highest quality of performance and long service life.

Features of Hygge

Scandinavian style has gone through quite a long evolution – from a nice family house built from natural logs to luxurious Stockholm apartments, the interior of which was created by famous designers and intended for successful and wealthy people.

Simple and light interior from Handvark (Denmark)

The provincialism of the Scandinavian style is now delicately traced only in the details – textiles, accessories and tableware. It is unobtrusive and not too reminiscent of the unhurried patriarchal life of rustic Scandinavians.

A prerequisite for a successful decoration of a European apartment in the Hugge style is high-quality furniture, elegant designer décor and competently exposed lighting.

But his philosophy remained the same. It is closeness to nature, a wise attitude to the world and the desire to get an environment in the home that will give special comfort, peace and tranquility.

What is Scandinavian design? Top 5 key qualities of style

  1. It’s a little provincial.
  2. Attention and love for every little detail.
  3. Tolerance, adaptability and willingness to coexist with both antique and modern furnishings, decor, fixtures and accessories.
  4. Ability to design apartments and houses of any layout and any area.
  5. Coziness, comfort and commitment to tradition.
Cozy light interior with sofa, bed linen and floor lamp by Northern (Norway)

To decorate the space in this style is quite allowed in all cases – in the presence of an old living stock, grandmother’s heritage-decor from a chest, with which it is a pity to part with, a small space with not very high ceiling, not too smooth walls and floor, wooden windows, etc.

Where is the Scandi style appropriate?

For country houses, professional designers recommend classic Hygge. The interior with loft elements and lights on long cords is perfect for spacious rooms with high ceilings. And light surfaces and quality designer furniture are appropriate everywhere.

In Russia, the Scandinavian style is often used to create interiors in monumental houses of the Stalinist era and in modern new buildings with their spaciousness and panoramic windows. But even an ordinary small apartment in a panel or monolithic building can be transformed into a piece of cosy Scandinavia. And while many professional designers are skeptical of such an idea, we’re willing to argue with that.

For those who love all that is solid, beautiful and presentable, the products from Scandinavian designers are designed with love and unsurpassed skill:

Armchair with coffee table in the interior by Fogia (Sweden)

Of course, the Scandinavian style fits best with old architecture, replete with interesting elements. But if you use the basic principles and techniques of room design, mistakes can be avoided. Your interior will not look alien, flat and lifeless.

By the way, the Scandi style is very versatile. It is appropriate not only in residential spaces, but also in offices, art spaces, catering facilities, clubs, hotels, spas, etc.

How to avoid mistakes when decorating your space?

Scandi more than any other style needs well-organized lighting. The eclecticism of this way of decorating space is able to link all elements of the furnishings together and delicately subordinate a single idea, color scheme and textures. If a supplement is required, natural forms, original accessories and decor will organically incorporate the missing part.

Scandinavian Bollo armchair by Fogia (Sweden)

Light and cold tones of surfaces can be successfully compensated by textiles – plaids and blankets made of natural wool, bright doormats, ceramic vases, mirrors, wood decorations, cushions and poufs.

But no matter how well all the elements are chosen, the room needs the right lighting, otherwise all these details just do not make sense!

Are Scandinavian lights different from others?

Undoubtedly, because regardless of whether it is ceiling fixture, desk lamp or floor lamp, you will not see low-quality materials, aggressive forms, pretentiousness, pomposity, futuristic bright colors and garish designs.

Design lighting fixtures use techniques and materials that fit perfectly with the concept of Scandi style and its philosophy, these are:

  • eco-friendly fabric;
  • durable frosted glass;
  • natural wood;
  • traditional metal;
  • sculptural concrete.
Metal mesh pendant luminaire Heat from Northern (Norway)

Glass, concrete, metal – only natural, muted shades of white, grey, beige or yellow. Popular garlands of individual lights – in the form of cheerful and open bulbs of small size (most often found LED), and compositions of larger incandescent bulbs.

In the first case, the garlands can be used as pretty intimate nightlights or creative interior lighting that creates a romantic aura. In the second case, lighting is used both indoors in large rooms and outdoors – for lighting the porch, the area near the pool, the lounge area, etc.

The peculiarity of all fixtures in a Scandinavian interior is simplicity of design, the highest quality workmanship and maximum functionality.

Without them, the interior will never be complete. There are places in the apartment where the presence of lamps is not just desirable, but vital. After all, table lamps, chandeliers and floor lamps in their functional component does not just light the room. They help to relax after a hard day’s work and relieve stress, or, on the contrary, to get a charge of vivacity. Lighting fixtures add a touch of solemnity and significance to the moment or narrow the large space of a room to a very tiny, but very meaningful for the individual island of intimacy.

Pendant lights with twisted wire Dahl by Northern (Norway)


A stylish Scandinavian interior is not just a trend in design, but a display of the owners’ individuality and an unobtrusive demonstration of their status and taste.

Feel free to recreate the Hugge atmosphere in your city apartment, country house, office and public space. There is no need to clutter the rooms with ethnic motifs of northern countries at all. It is enough to choose designer expensive interior items – quality furniture, natural textiles, original decorations and functional lighting fixtures.